the FOR THE CITY network

The For the City Center

The For the City Center is a physical representation of our mission to maximize and catalyze restoration efforts. The FTCC is a place for partnering nonprofits and other Austin-area organizations to reside, share meeting space, and join hands in the effort to maximize each others' work toward city renewal. Our hope is that by fostering collaborations, leveraging others' strengths, and simplifying the involvement process, we will be able to do immeasurably more together for Austin.

Construction of Phase I of the FTCC was completed in September 2010. The FTCC takes up the front half of a renovated building across the street from Webb Middle School on East St. Johns Avenue. The back half is a shared space that is also used by The Austin Stone Community Church for Sunday services and some weekday gatherings. The second floor of the building is shell space, reserved for future expansion of the FTCC.

The building was originally a nursing home, but had been sitting mostly vacant prior to 2010. We're grateful to be a part of reclaiming and reusing this space as a physical representation of the partnerships that make up our network of people, organizations, and churches working together all over Austin.

The For the City Center

To learn more about the FTCC and the nonprofits that reside there, check out the video above.

We're currently raising funds to finish out the second floor of The For the City Center. If your organization is interested in being a tenant in Phase II, email us so that we can start that dialogue.