the FOR THE CITY network


Your generosity enables the For the City Network and our programs to continue seeking restoration for individuals, communities, and cities — all for the glory of God. We could not continue in our efforts without the financial support of donors like you. So thank you.

For more information about our organization, programs, and financial records, don’t hesitate to contact us:


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The For the City Network

Support the For the City Network as we develop communities and connect people, churches, and organizations to serve in Austin.


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Foster Care Initiative

Support our Foster Care Initiative as we help children and families in foster care in our city. We envision a day when there's not a line of children waiting for someone to adopt them, but a line of families. Help us Flip the Line.


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Vessel Coworking

Support Vessel Coworking, which exists to see individuals working in community rather than in isolation and give small nonprofits the support they need to restore the city of Austin.


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Job Training Program

Support our Job Training Program for individuals with barriers to employment.


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Total City Sports

Support Total City Sports as they provide athletic programming, mentoring, and discipleship to students in Central and East Austin.


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RBI Austin

Support RBI Austin as they engage, develop, and transform inner-city Austin youth athletically, academically, and spiritually through baseball and softball.


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Community Health and Fitness

Support Community Health and Fitness as we continue the work of physical restoration in our communities and our city through health and fitness.