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Seeing the City Through Old Testament Eyes

Just like the prophets of old, we have the incredible privilege of working alongside the Lord to promote human flourishing for all.

Why God Loves the City

God calls us to be for the city by cultivating and growing healthy aspects of culture while fighting to correct all forms of brokenness and injustice.

3 Ways to Engage in the Fight for Human Dignity

Affirming the life and dignity of the human person is not a secondary task for the believer but an integral part of the Christian life.

10 Key Indicators of Racism in America Today

Racism in America today means that racial minorities continue to experience significant discrimination and hardship in 2020. Here are a few reasons why.

What Does It Mean To Sacrifice For Missions?

If loving our neighbors and pursuing them for the sake fo Christ feels difficult, it's because it should feel difficult. Christ calls us to lay down everything for the sake of helping people accept Him and live for Him. No earthly cost is too great for the eternal returns of a new soul won to Christ.

When the Unborn Aren't Human

When we dehumanize others to make our lives more comfortable, we refuse to acknowledge their human rights or affirm their God-given dignity.

How to Use Your Whiteness for Racial Justice Pt. 2

This post focuses on the next stage of the racial awakening process, Adaptation. This stage walks through living out a new cultural identity.

We Must Love Non-Believers

It's easy to maintain a circle of friends that are made up of Christians, but that's not how Christ modeled relationship-building and evangelism. Instead, he set an example for us to make deep friendships with non-believers and open up our lives to people outside of their normal Christian circle.

Is Poverty a Problem for the Church or the State?

Just governments are not enemies of the church but partners in the fight against suffering, oppression, and injustice.

The Clinic or the Clothes Hanger: Why Women Deserve Better Than Both

No woman should ever have to experience the humiliation or mortal dangers associated with back alley abortions, but legal termination is not the answer.

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