Together We Can Make a Difference 

Our Vision for Giving Back to the Community

One of our core beliefs at For The City is that God created people to flourish in every area of their lives. But in our cities, we see countless people, people made in God’s image, who are experiencing devastating brokenness. As Christians, we know we should do something to help solve problems in society, but the brokenness we face seems overwhelming. 

We’re left wondering “What can I do to support human justice? What ideas to help the community will actually make a difference?"

 We know that to see true and widespread healing in our cities, it’s going to take more than a one-time event. It’s going to take more than a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s going to take people from all walks of life, joining together to work towards true flourishing in their cities.

How We Serve You

That’s why we started For The City, to help you make a difference and serve your city. We want to help you find a place where you can make a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of others. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped thousands of people across the country use their unique gifts to serve their cities. We can help you too.

 This website serves as a digital hub, bringing together four key groups of people. Whether you are a leader in a church, business, or nonprofit, or if you’re a servant-hearted volunteer, this website is the place for you to start.

PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERS if you’re a pastor or church leader, we want to help you with your local mission strategy and give you the tools you need to succeed.

BUSINESS LEADERS if you’re a business leader, we know you have more to offer than your checkbook. We want to help you find ways to help the community by connecting your expertise and talents with the nonprofits that need them most.

NONPROFIT LEADERS if you’re a nonprofit leader, we want to connect you to our network of advisors, philanthropic businesses and thousands of volunteers willing to donate their time to your mission.

VOLUNTEERS if you are looking for community service opportunities that directly serve people experiencing brokenness, we want to connect you with great nonprofits and volunteer programs in your city. Through our volunteer portal, we’ll help you find opportunities that match your individual passions and availability.

We believe God is already at work in your city, and He has a unique purpose for you. We want to help you find it. Together we can make a difference.

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Thanks for visiting, it is our privilege to come alongside you on this journey of giving back to the community. Together we can see cities restored for His glory.

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