Discussing Dignity in a Post-Christian World

It is only with the gospel - the sturdiest bedrock for human rights - that we can help a post-Christian world understand and affirm human dignity for all.

Being a Resident Alien – The Experience of an Immigrant Family

Immigrants are some of the bravest and most resilient people in our society, and should be celebrated as such. Here is my story explaining why.

An Introduction to Racial Justice and Reconciliation

What is the difference between racial justice and racial reconciliation? Why does it matter? Preview this free mini-course to learn more.

Why You Should Count the Cost of Being a Foster Parent

A panel of foster parents share the joy and pain of their experiences and call believers to count the cost and consider foster care.

3 Barriers to Local Mission 

God’s people should love the marginalized because God loves them. Numerous barriers prevent us from actually loving them, here are 3 of the most prevalent.  

Reimagining Mercy

The word "mercy" is thrown around a lot these days, but few of us have a holistic understanding of the word. How should biblical mercy inform the way we treat others?

3 C's to Being on Mission in the Margins of the City

God calls Christians to cities as culture creators while correcting brokenness and injustice. Here are three practical ways to be for the marginalized in our cities.

Imago Dei - The Crown of Creation

God made human beings the crown of His creation, but we can often forget this when ministering to broken people.

Individual vs. Corporate Sin

Understanding individual sin comes easy to most Westerners. This is due, in large part, to two pillars of American society: individualism and meritocracy.

The Glory of God and the Imago Dei

There are 2 theological convictions that drive our desire to seek the good of our city. The Gloria Dei (Glory of God) and the Imago Dei (Image of God in man). 

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