Discussing Dignity in a Post-Christian World

It is only with the gospel - the sturdiest bedrock for human rights - that we can help a post-Christian world understand and affirm human dignity for all.

Being a Resident Alien – The Experience of an Immigrant Family

Immigrants are some of the bravest and most resilient people in our society, and should be celebrated as such. Here is my story explaining why.

Reimagining Mercy

The word "mercy" is thrown around a lot these days, but few of us have a holistic understanding of the word. How should biblical mercy inform the way we treat others?

3 Ways Board Members can Serve an Executive Director

To develop trust, respect, and transparency, a board and executive director must be aligned on passion, prioritizing healthy conversations and mutual accountability.

What is Biblical Mercy and Justice?

What does mercy and justice look like biblically? How does God expect Christians to engage in biblical justice and mercy today?

The Church is the Hope of the World

Which institutions are best equipped to promote human flourishing? In a world marred by sin and brokenness, where should we place our hope?

3 Ways Business Leaders Can Invest in Nonprofits (and It's Not Money!)

God’s glory is evident all over creation, and work is no exception. He is as present in businesses and nonprofits, as he is in working through His church.

God, Work, and Business

Many people consider work a necessary evil in a fallen world. As a result, they do not treat their day job as important to the kingdom. But is this the right mindset?

Shalom: Developing a Biblical View of Peace

What kind of peace does the Bible talk about, and what does it mean for followers of Jesus to pursue biblical peace in their communities?