When the Unborn Aren't Human

When we dehumanize others to make our lives more comfortable, we refuse to acknowledge their human rights or affirm their God-given dignity.

Is Poverty a Problem for the Church or the State?

Just governments are not enemies of the church but partners in the fight against suffering, oppression, and injustice.

The Clinic or the Clothes Hanger: Why Women Deserve Better Than Both

No woman should ever have to experience the humiliation or mortal dangers associated with back alley abortions, but legal termination is not the answer.

Can Christians Be Pro-Life and Pro-Women?

Gospel feminism is to see women as being equal to men in God’s likeness and to align our definitions of her dignity, identity, and purpose with His.

9 Effective Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

Fundraising is an inescapable part of being at a nonprofit. And normally the most stressful aspect of your everyday rhythms. But it doesn't have to be. Here are 9 effective nonprofit fundraising strategies. Don't just use them in isolation—find the right mix of tactics to help your organization thrive today!

Christianity and Racism In America

Christians should care about racism in their cities because racial unity is a gospel issue. The Christian response to racism should be to prioritize racial unity.

4 Ways Christians Can Advocate for People With Disabilities

As we advocate for people with disabilities through language, education, access, and systems of care, we write a different narrative for the world to see.

In His Image - Claire's Story

Growing up, Claire never really had to think about abortion, but that all changed when she met her birth mother.

In His Image - Shawn's Story

Watch this video of Shawn's testimony to see how Christ redeemed her from the guilt and shame of her abortion, and how she is now helping other women to heal.

6 Practical Ways Nonprofits Can Promote Dignity Through Fundraising

Is the way your organization speaks of the people you serve encouraging donors to give out of a sense of superiority rather than a spirit of humility and love?

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