The Gospel Must Be Good News for Christians Too

Unless Christians truly love, enjoy, and celebrate the gospel, local missions will feel like more of a chore than a joyful lifestyle. It's time believers treat the gospel as good news for them as well.

Can Christians Be Pro-Life and Pro-Women?

Gospel feminism is to see women as being equal to men in God’s likeness and to align our definitions of her dignity, identity, and purpose with His.

3 Keys to Pastoring Groups Toward Mission

2 Timothy 2:10 says, "Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory." So how do we forge small groups in our church that will also do anything for the sake of the elect? Watch this video to learn more.

9 Effective Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

Fundraising is an inescapable part of being at a nonprofit. And normally the most stressful aspect of your everyday rhythms. But it doesn't have to be. Here are 9 effective nonprofit fundraising strategies. Don't just use them in isolation—find the right mix of tactics to help your organization thrive today!

Christianity and Racism In America

Christians should care about racism in their cities because racial unity is a gospel issue. The Christian response to racism should be to prioritize racial unity.

The Good Samaritan Is A Story About Race

Few passages speak to race as directly as the Good Samaritan. We fail to understand the story as intended because we’ve been shaped more by culture than Christ.

3 Barriers to Local Mission 

God’s people should love marginalized communities because God loves them. Numerous barriers prevent us from actually loving them, here are 3 of the most prevalent.  

4 Ways Christians Can Advocate for People With Disabilities

As we advocate for people with disabilities through language, education, access, and systems of care, we write a different narrative for the world to see.

Why You Shouldn’t Engage in Local Mission Alone 

One of the worst things a Christian can do is pursue local mission by themselves. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t go alone when engaging in local community outreach in your city. 

The Church Needs Biblical Lament, Not White Guilt

White guilt tells us to sit with hundreds of years of injustice and then “fix ourselves.” Lament acknowledges injustices, cries out to God, and seeks justice.

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