In His Image - Claire's Story

Growing up, Claire never really had to think about abortion, but that all changed when she met her birth mother.

Does Legal Prostitution Dignify Sex Workers?

Allowing men and women to legally sell their bodies for sex is neither loving nor empowering. It is a failure to care for them well.

Why Having One Black Friend Isn't Enough

Christians believe all people have the same intrinsic value, yet we often fail to reflect this truth in our lives. Here are four ways to change that narrative.

God Isn't Colorblind, And Neither Was MLK

“Color-blind” thinking concerning racial issues negatively impacts relationships with brothers and sisters of color, as well as our relationship with God.

How to Use Your Whiteness for Racial Justice Pt. 1

This post focuses on helping white Christians navigate stage one of the racial awakening process.

In His Image - Shawn's Story

Watch this video of Shawn's testimony to see how Christ redeemed her from the guilt and shame of her abortion, and how she is now helping other women to heal.

Is Poverty a Justification for Abortion?

While financial hardship, abuse, and violence are all affronts to dignity, they cannot strip their victims of their worth or value.

3 African American Christian Leaders You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

While most race conversations involve famous activists like MLK, we should honor the unsung heroes that fought for biblical justice on the frontlines.

Should Women Need Abortion to Succeed in the Workplace?

Abortion is not liberation from the “hindrance” of motherhood. It is a tool of oppression used to force working women to act like men.

6 Practical Ways Nonprofits Can Promote Dignity Through Fundraising

Is the way your organization speaks of the people you serve encouraging donors to give out of a sense of superiority rather than a spirit of humility and love?

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