3 C's to Being on Mission in the Margins of the City

God calls Christians to cities as culture creators while correcting brokenness and injustice. Here are three practical ways to be for marginalized groups in our cities.

7 Ways to Recognize Volunteers

Volunteer appreciation seems as simple as saying “good job” to workers. However, real harm can be done when leaders undervalue showing genuine gratitude.

3 Ways Board Members can Serve an Executive Director

To develop trust, respect, and transparency, a board and nonprofit executive director must be aligned on passion, prioritizing healthy conversations, and mutual accountability.

How the Volunteer/Staff Relationship Is Changing

Nonprofit volunteer managers are expected to interact with every volunteer. Demands of a changing social sector call for a new strategy when it comes to the staff and volunteer relationship.

Imago Dei - The Crown of Creation

God made human beings the crown of His creation, but we can often forget this when ministering to broken people.

Why It’s Not Enough to “Just Preach the Gospel”

Through the life and ministry of Jesus, we see that Christians are called to proclaim the gospel and also to demonstrate the gospel.

Individual vs. Corporate Sin

Understanding individual sin comes easily to most Westerners. This is due, in large part, to two pillars of American society: Individualism and meritocracy. But what is the doctrine of corporate sin and why does it matter to individual people?

Why Data is Important in Seeking Human Flourishing

We often fall into the trap of thinking a snapshot represents an entire problem. We then believe our limited understanding is enough to eradicate the problem. That's why we designed this article to unpack the importance of data collection.

The Glory of God and the Imago Dei

There are 2 theological convictions that drive our desire to seek the good of our city. The Gloria Dei (Glory of God) and the Imago Dei (Image of God in man). 

What is Biblical Mercy and Justice?

What does mercy and justice look like biblically? How does God expect Christians to engage in biblical justice and mercy today?

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