The Church is the Hope of the World

Which institutions are best equipped to promote human flourishing? In a world marred by sin and brokenness, where should we place our hope?

3 Ways Business Leaders Can Invest in Nonprofits (and It's Not Money!)

God’s glory is evident all over creation, and work is no exception. He is as present in businesses and nonprofits, as He is in working through His church. Here are a few key ways local business advisors can help nonprofits in their community.

God, Work, and Business

Many people consider work a necessary evil in a fallen world. As a result, they do not treat their day job as important to the kingdom. But is this the right mindset? What is the Biblical view of work?

Shalom: Developing a Biblical View of Peace

What kind of peace does the Bible talk about, and what does it mean for followers of Jesus to pursue biblical peace in their communities?

How Pastors Can Lead in Serving the Marginalized

Pastors often ask, “how do I mobilize my people to care for marginalized groups? The reasons vary from church to church, but one commonality is this basic truth.

Turning One-Time Volunteers into Committed Partners

What does it take for a nonprofit leader to get volunteers to commit and keep them engaged? How does a nonprofit transform occasional volunteers into committed partners?

5 Ways to Engage in Foster Care

Until pursuing relationships is prioritized, the sad reality will continue to be, families in distress will go unnoticed until abuse or neglect has taken place. Here's how to help children in foster care.

The Gospel and Reunification

Though adoption presents a clear example of the truth of the gospel, it is not the only way we can present the truth of God’s work of salvation in history.

What is a CASA Volunteer?

What is a CASA? Watch this video to learn a unique way to serve youth in foster care.

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