How Much Should Local Missions Cost Us?

We lose everything and at the same time, we gain everything.

This paradox stretches far and wide to cover almost every element of our faith—including loving and serving our community. The Bible calls us to radical sacrifice. That means nothing is off-limits for God—He can ask us to give anything up. If we are to truly live on mission, see real change, and see people putting their trust in Christ, it's going to cost us something. It'll cost us time, money, emotional resources, and plenty more.

But the gospel is worth giving everything up for.

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Stephen Husmann

My job is to tell stories about people who find themselves in vulnerable situations and create resources to equip God’s people to work towards human flourishing in our cities. I graduated from the University of Texas with a communications degree in 2006 and stuck around Austin ever since. I joined the For the City team in 2016. My lovely wife Leah and I recently moved Round Rock, TX with our hilarious daughter Haven.