Join a Community of Socially Responsible Companies 

Putting Your Talent to Work in New Ways

Are you a business leader that wants to make a real difference in your community? Do you find yourself wanting to do more than write a check to a charity? 

The importance of corporate social responsibility cannot be overstated. Companies across the country depend on their communities to stay in business. It’s only natural that socially responsible companies would want to give back, and your successful business is in the perfect position to do just that. 

By practicing corporate social responsibility, companies can help lift up their community while also benefiting professionally. Today, many top job candidates consider the social responsibility of a business before taking a position. Corporate volunteering also builds camaraderie among employees, increases engagement at work and reduces turnover. 

Study after study has made it clear that working for a socially responsible company makes employees happier. They enjoy knowing that their company is about more than making a profit - it’s about making a positive difference in their community.

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Find Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

There are business volunteer opportunities out there, but finding the right one can be a challenge. For The City is able to match your expertise with nonprofits that need them. Employees will be able to take the skills they use in the office and apply them in new ways to solve pressing problems within their community. 

Nonprofits are often looking for professionals with specific skillsets. There are also team building volunteer opportunities that can be done as a group or department.  

Corporate volunteering has a ripple effect that can be felt far and wide. It’s amazing how an act of volunteerism in one community like the group volunteer opportunities in Austin, TX can touch the lives of people miles away. That’s the power of being a company that puts people first.

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Connect with Local Churches and Nonprofit Organizations

For The City is a platform that brings together churches, nonprofit organizations and private companies that share a common purpose - serving their communities. Your company can go beyond business volunteer opportunities by forming a partnership or hosting a charitable event with a church or nonprofit in your area. 

When you come together to do social good, organizations benefit as much as the people they help. See which churches and nonprofits in your community are part of For The City. 

Tap into Our Network of Advisors

Is your mission to make social good a part of your company culture? For The City gives you tools, training and access to a network of advisors that understand the importance of corporate social responsibility. They can do everything from suggesting company volunteer ideas to helping you lay the foundation for in-house corporate volunteer programs. 

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