Helping Church Leaders Serve Their Cities

Faith-based and community initiatives come together when church leaders do missions work in their own backyards and are able to connect with like-minded locals who want to serve. Join a missional community that’s focused on serving our cities. Create a free account to join the For The City community!

The faith-based community at For The City includes ministries of all sizes across the country. Each has a similar vision and mission. They are active in faith community outreach that serves God’s higher purpose of a world where all people flourish here on this Earth.

Tools and Support for your Local Missions Work

For The City is helping lead a missional church movement that addresses all of the human justice issues that are facing cities today.

If you’re a church pastor, youth minister or church leader that’s concerned about the brokenness in your community, For The City can help. Our platform is where church and community come together to better the lives of everyone in your city. 

For The City is here to help church pastors and leaders with their local mission strategy. We provide resources for missional living and community work that can change the lives of those who are most in need. There are also tools to help you succeed in addressing the devastating brokenness that is impacting communities across our great nation.

Find Volunteers

Volunteers are looking for community church programs that give them an opportunity to give back. You can connect with those potential volunteers through For The City.

Are you an individual with a calling to do more in your community? Find churches near me with volunteer opportunities.

Connect with Philanthropic Businesses & Nonprofits

For The City also connects churches with philanthropic businesses and local nonprofits that want to use their services and skills to improve their community. You can partner with other community leaders to expand your reach and capacity to make change for the better.

Together we can make a difference! Join For The City by creating a free account.