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We’re Connecting Local and National Nonprofit Organizations with Thousands of Volunteers

Nonprofit philanthropic organizations work tirelessly every day to help those that are experiencing overwhelming brokenness. But they can’t do it alone. National and local nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers who are willing to give their time, expertise and energy to a worthy cause. 

If your nonprofit has struggled to find volunteers that can carry out your good work, For The City is here to help. 

Join a Community That Can Help You Find Volunteers

For The City is a community built on the idea that every kind act matters. Even the smallest volunteer activities can have a big impact on the lives of people who are suffering and have lost hope. We bring people from all walks of life together with the shared mission of ending the despair in our local communities.

Our network helps nonprofit organizations by easing the burden of volunteer recruitment. Nonprofit volunteer organizations are able to connect with eager individuals that are actively looking for volunteer opportunities. There are thousands of volunteers serving cities across the country.

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Connect with Church Leaders and Philanthropic Businesses

Many churches and businesses have also joined the For The City network to make a real difference. For The City gives philanthropic organizations the ability to partner together for a greater impact in their shared communities. We believe such partnerships empower nonprofits by providing a source of volunteers, funding and vital support. 

As a local or national nonprofit organization, you can never have too many connections. See which churches and businesses in your area have similar goals for helping the community.

Get Guidance from a Network of Advisors

For The City does much more than help nonprofit members find volunteers and partners. As a member, you’ll also have access to our network of advisors. Our advisors have experienced great success with their own initiatives, and they can show you how to help your city flourish. Advisors can provide guidance on volunteer management and mission strategy as well as providing expert guidance on how to make lasting change in your city.

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