Your nonprofit exists to care for people, stop crises, and end suffering in your community. 

We exist to help you do just that.

  • The people and communities you serve need more of your time and energy. They need your creativity to help them solve important problems. They need your empathy, your savvy, your networking, and donor development skills.

    They don’t need your time tied up in a never-ending search for volunteers.

  • That’s why City Sync exists. This platform is free to nonprofits and directly connects you with some of the best volunteers in your city—local church members.

  • And by connecting with churchgoers, we don’t mean for you to go on a mad search to find the right admin contacts at local ministries, pencil in time to meet, reschedule six times, then only end up getting two interested volunteers from a church of 6,000.

  • City Sync helps your nonprofit quickly build relationships with local churches and list your open volunteer opportunities on their websites. 

    Churchgoers can then live out their missional lifestyle by registering for your opportunities right from their church website.

City Sync Can Help Your Congregants Engage More in Local Missions—Here's How

  • Enable better local missions—The City Sync online database directly connects your congregants with local non-profit volunteer opportunities       
  • Your church is in control—you decide which nonprofits are listed on your church’s City Sync webpage
  • Less complexity—City Sync simplifies the process of church/nonprofit relationship building. Search for local nonprofits you want to partner with, and host their volunteer opportunities on your church’s local missions webpage
  • Make local missions a lifestyle—Stop congregant reliance on big service days to know when and how to get involved. With City Sync, they always have access to numerous opportunities to get involved 
  • Valuable insights—You’ll have data on volunteer signups and see trends in how your members are engaging in local missions
  • Offer congregants access to a wide range of ways to serve your community—Your members can search for nonprofits and opportunities that best match their gifts, location, and schedules
  • Focus on the real missions work—City Sync cuts down on the time needed for local missions planning, freeing up your staff to disciple and care for your members even more

Here are a few of the many churches that already use City Sync

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