Find Ways to Volunteer in Your Community

Giving Back to the Community Is One of Your Greatest Gifts

Are you a servant-hearted individual that wants to volunteer in your community? Are you trying to find volunteer opportunities that address the most dire social justice issues today? Are you looking for ideas to help the community you live in?

For more than a decade, For The City has helped thousands of people just like you find volunteer opportunities that make a lasting impact in their community. We provide resources that enable you to use your unique gifts and passion for helping others in the most meaningful way possible.

The benefits of volunteering work both ways. Volunteers experience emotional, mental and physical wellbeing when they serve their city. Healing the brokenness in others touches us deeply, altering our lives in profoundly positive ways.

Your life and work are a restorative force in your city. When we work together social justice and restoration are within reach!

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Connect with Organizations That Are Looking for Volunteers

For The City uses the City Sync software platform to bring nonprofits, churches, mission-minded businesses and volunteers that want to serve their city together in one place. Organizations that are looking for volunteers can submit information about their volunteer opportunities. You can then easily search for opportunities that align with your goals, interests and skills. 

Our network can help you:

  • Understand the unique needs of your city.
  • Discover your place in the city by matching your gifts to your city’s needs.
  • Learn how to integrate your work, hobbies, passions and lifestyle to create a life of purpose. 

Opportunities for Those Who Want to Volunteer in Austin, TX

For The City is headquartered in Austin, TX. We have extensive knowledge about places to volunteer in Austin that are helping the community every day, but they can do even more with additional support from people like you. Some of these volunteer organizations are located right here in our own center. 

Volunteer work in Austin is very diverse just like our city. If you live in Austin we’d love to meet you and learn more about how we can support your decision to live on mission! You can contact one of our For the City staff members directly through email.

Education on a Variety of Volunteer Topics 

Over the last 10 years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting many volunteers across the country. In that time, we’ve come to realize volunteers don’t get the education and support they need. Many people say, “I want to volunteer near me, but I don’t know what will have the greatest impact.”

For The City is filling the gap with free resources and courses that provide education on anti-human trafficking, foster care, social justice topics and much more. 

Get a For The City Guidebook for Your Area

One of the most useful resources we offer volunteers is in-depth guidebooks. For The City Guides go into detail on a city’s history, cultural trends, legislation and social injustices that exist today. Our hope is that this type of education will make volunteers aware of the current issues their city faces and how they can make positive change through service. 

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