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How the Volunteer/Staff Relationship Is Changing

Volunteer managers of many nonprofits are expected to interact with every individual who serves, but the demands of the changing social sector call for a new strategy.

Imago Dei - The Crown of Creation

VIDEO: God made human beings the crown of His creation, but we can often forget this when ministering to broken people.

Why It’s Not Enough to “Just Preach the Gospel”

Through the life and ministry of Jesus, we see that Christians are called to proclaim the gospel and also to demonstrate the gospel.

Individual vs. Corporate Sin

Understanding individual sin comes easy to most Westerners. This is attributable, in large part, to the two pillars of American society: individualism and meritocracy. It is primarily through these two lenses that Westerners in general-and Americans in particular-view the world. 

Why Data is Important in Seeking Human Flourishing

We can often fall into the trap of thinking a snapshot gives us all we need to know about a problem. Based on our limited knowledge, we then convince ourselves we have the silver bullet needed to eradicate the problem entirely. Sadly, this leaves us charging into a problem wholly unprepared to unpack and work through the depth and complexity of a person’s circumstances.

The Glory of God and the Imago Dei

Here at the For the City Network there are 2 core theological convictions that drive our desire to seek the good of our city. Those convictions are the Gloria Dei(Glory of God) and the Imago Dei (Image of God in man). 

What is Biblical Mercy and Justice?

The Bible is very clear that the concepts of mercy and justice are deeply intertwined. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, readers see God’s rich mercy towards sinners as well as His profound desire to see wrong things made right. The Bible is very clear that the concepts of mercy and justice are deeply intertwined.

The Church is the Hope of the World

Which institutions are best equipped to promote human flourishing? In a world marred by sin and brokenness, where should we place our hope?

Why You Shouldn’t Engage in Local Mission Alone. 

There are many reasons that individual Christians may pursue local mission by themselves. Some of these include: ...

Shalom: Developing a Biblical View of Peace

What kind of peace does the Bible talk about, and what does it mean for followers of Jesus to pursue biblical peace in their communities?

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